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Setting up a dealership for distributing building materials can be a complex process, but the following are some general steps to consider:

  1. Determine your business model: Decide whether you want to sell to contractors, builders, or homeowners, or a combination of these. Consider the types of products you want to sell and your target market.

  2. Choose a location: Choose a location that is easily accessible and visible to potential customers, such as a high-traffic area. Make sure you have sufficient space for inventory, equipment, and vehicles.

  3. Obtain necessary permits and licenses: Contact your local government and obtain necessary permits and licenses for operating a dealership.

  4. Secure financing: Determine the amount of money you will need to invest and seek financing options such as loans, lines of credit, or grants.

  5. Establish relationships with suppliers: Research and establish relationships with suppliers of the building materials you intend to sell. Negotiate pricing and terms of sale.

  6. Hire staff: Determine the number of employees you will need to operate your dealership and hire staff with relevant experience and expertise.

  7. Set up inventory management: Implement an inventory management system to track and manage your products, including ordering, receiving, and stocking.

  8. Develop a marketing strategy: Create a marketing plan to promote your dealership and attract customers. Consider advertising, social media, and email marketing.

  9. Launch your dealership: Once all the above steps are completed, launch your dealership and begin selling your building materials.

It’s important to note that these are general steps, and the process may vary depending on your location, product offerings, and other factors. It’s always a good idea to seek advice and guidance from experts in the industry, such as other dealerships or industry associations.

Distributor Levels

  • Western Canada
  • Eastern Canada
  • Northern West US
  • Northern East US
  • Southern West US
  • Southern East US
  • Mid-western US
  • Mid-eastern US
  • South America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle Asia
  • Fabricate Lego Blocks & Distribute Blocks in regional territory. 
  • Inventory Building Materials 
  • Distribute to Home Depot, Lowes & Building Material Suppliers
  • $500,000 to $1,000,000
  • Mass Production Line of Lego Blocks
  • 10,000 to 50,000 SF of facility.
  • 10-20 men operation
  • Fabricate Lego Blocks & Distribute in Local
  • Rental Construction Equipment
  • Sales of Low Costs Building Materials.
  • $200,000-$300,000
  • Lego Block Machine – 3 options of Filler Material; EPS cement, Air Concrete & Waste Plastic
  • 10 sets of construction equipment; Scaffolding Lift, Mini Lifting Crane, Rebar Tie Gun, Rebar Bending Machine
  • 2 sets of concrete foundation mold plates
  • 5,000-10,000 SF of facility
  • 3-5 men operation
  • Developer
  • General Contractor
  • DIY Owner Builder
  • Build House
  • Sub-division Investor
  • Rental
  • Commercial Developer
  • Purchase of Home Lot
  • Costs of House Construction (Approx. 50% of Average costs of Standard House Construction including land)
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